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Bat Clinging On Wall


We customize a solution that fully controls the bats and get rid of it.

Squirrel On A Tree Branch


We help you get rid of the squirrels through our trapping and removal solution.



We offer beaver trapping as a solution for the existence of the pest in your yard.

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As a full-service company, we ensure to provide you an efficient way of removing wildlife in your property. We conduct ecological wildlife control techniques to ensure that we meet the standard imposed by the government. Our aim is to remove the wildlife but not to harm or kill it. Yet, we also aim to help you maintain an urban place, which is comfortable to live.

As an urban wildlife management expert, we protect you from the potential threats that the wildlife animals bring in your property. We ensure that your place will not be a breeding ground for bacteria and other unsanitary elements. We also ensure to locate every possible area where the animals roost.

We’re not just expert, we’re licensed. It’s our pride to say that we have the authority to remove the wildlife animals in your area. Through the license we acquired from the government, we’re able to have an access to a list of animals that are protected by the state. We have the full awareness about the restrictions when it comes to the removal of the wildlife.


We thoroughly inspect your property so we won’t miss any spot in your home. We check the roofs, attics, weep holes and other small spots where the animals hide. Yet, our service doesn’t end by checking and removing the animals in your home. We ensure that every spot is clear and the animals will not come back again.

But if the problem persists, we insist visiting your property to provide follow-up visits. We’ll do our best to figure out the reasons why the problems occur and we’ll create a plan to solve it. We also provide re-treatments if necessary.


Our comprehensive service guarantees satisfaction once you hire us. But even though we put all our efforts in removing the wildlife on your property. we charge you at a fair price. You get the value of the service that you pay and we match it with an excellent customer service.

We believe that you want a high-quality service where we complete our task on time with a flawless output. We guarantee to provide you such kind of service without adding unnecessary charges on your bill. We maintain a transparent transaction and we encourage you to ask us if you have some questions about your invoice.

We spend our time inspecting your property to ensure that every area of your house is covered. We identify the entry points of the wildlife and we provide plans to prevent it from entering your home. We acquire a special permit so we can remove the squirrels by following the government’s standard. We aim to protect you and your lawn but we also ensure that we’re following the rules set for squirrel removal. Our live trap is positioned strategically to ensure that we catch the beavers with ease. We can also assist you in relocating the beavers so they will not rebuild dams and lodges. We provide a long-term plan that includes habitat modification and improvement of defense against the pest so they won’t come back to your property.

As a company for bat removal in Greenville, SC, we ensure that we provide a competitive price for all our services including squirrel and beaver removal.

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