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Beavers are extremely smart animals that are capable of altering landscapes. While these animals do not enter houses, they can cause damage to lawns and water systems. Once you find gashes and damage at the tree’s trunk, contact Assurance Wildlife Control as soon as possible for professional beaver removal.

Getting rid of beavers is complicated because these are considered as fur-bearing animals, and you need to have a special permit to do so. Entrust this task to a wildlife control company that has the expertise in beaver removal while following the regulations in South Carolina. We offer a comprehensive package to ensure that we employ live traps, as opposed to lethal techniques in driving away these pests.

Our services do not end after the beaver removal in your area. We are aware that these animals are quite persistent, but you cannot kill them on the spot given their protected status. That said, we formulated a tested approach for exclusion where we seal every possible entry or thriving points for these animals.

The only way to prevent the recurrence of infestation from these animals is to make the place less habitable for them. Beavers are known to recreate their place overnight, so Assurance Wildlife Control repeats the exclusion process until they find relocate to a new place.


Do not try to employ DIY techniques for beaver removal at home! A simple mistake can make them learn about the traps you set up, or unintentionally kill them which lead to penalties. This is best left for professionals who do this task for years.

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When you seek our help, expect a warm but professional treatment from the moment you give us a call. We then conduct a thorough inspection of your properties and discuss exclusion options available in your situation. Tell us your concerns, and we will incorporate these in our removal solutions. Assurance Wildlife Control seeks to give a great value for your money. We offer our services without hidden charges and sudden price changes.

Beavers and muskrats cannot be dispelled using sprays and other chemical-based repellents. Predator urine and ultrasound emitters are ineffective as well. Our animal control team surveys your yard and nearby water structures to determine any sign of damages from there. We will trace the areas they go to and then set up a live trap to catch them.

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Assurance Wildlife Control has mastered the science of beavers and muskrat removal at homes in Greenville. We employ tested methods to control these animals in the area with compromising the regulations and disturbing their natural habitats. Our specialists only use eco-friendly materials and traps that ensure live capture of these animals. Count on us to employ traps and clean up options, and you will never have to the problem an infestation anymore. Do not wait until they cause considerable damage to your home and water system.

Contact us today, and our friendly customer representative will answer all your questions. We also provide free estimates for our beaver removal services. Hire us now! There is no such thing as a quick catch, but Assurance Wildlife Control guarantees a successful beaver and muskrat removal in Greenville, SC.


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