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At Assurance Wildlife Control, our expert staff is so well trained in coyote and fox removal services that we are your solution to this predator issue around your home.



At Assurance Wildlife Control, our expert staff is so well trained in coyote and fox removal services that we are your solution to this predator issue around your home.

Coyotes and foxes are predators and therefore classified as a pest species. Among the many complaints residents give about coyotes and foxes are:

  • Coyotes are preying on sheep
  • Coyotes are posing a threat to pet
  • Foxes are preying on chickens

These are some of the reasons many people want these nuisance canines trapped and removed. Some trappers don’t offer this service. However, some specialize in canine snaring and capture and part of their program of abating predators. Most people are scared of these predators, and that contributes to the difficulty in getting rid of them. They are usually caught with traps, but that should be left to professional coyote removal service companies.


You might have engaged in Do It Yourself (DIY) to try to trap and remove these pests in your area but failed or are finding it hard. Have you been advised to poison them instead? No, that is not right. Our professional pest removal company Assurance Wildlife is your go-to contractor for expertise coyote and fox trapping and removal from your property. Being experienced pest removal professionals, our staff is certified and licensed and has knowledge of multiple and non-toxic alternatives pest control solutions. We use child-friendly, pet-friendly and non-toxic chemicals that are safe for the environment and children.

Coyote and foxes can settle near your property and cause quite a panic. As predators, they are a danger to unattended young children and pets. Present in both rural and urban areas their population is so big that so many residents have no idea how many thousands of them are there.

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  • Fox Biology: The Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)is canine about 2.5 feet long and 8-14 pounds small. Its color can be orange, gray, silver or black. They bear a litter of pups, and their offsprings vary each year depending on latitude and conditions. Their lifespan is three years and about 12 in captivity.
  • Coyote Biology: The Coyote (Canis latrans) weighs 20-40 pounds and is about three feet long. Appears grayish brown, breeds once a year and bears a litter of offsprings that vary widely in number. Their lifespan is ten and about twenty in captivity.
  • Fox & Coyote Behavior: Foxes live a solitary life in a home hunting territory (dens). Primarily, they eat rodents for example field mice or cottontail rabbits. Similarly, coyotes sometimes eat larger prey amidst other food types and do scavenge often. They adapt so easily ; even in urban areas. They are both mostly nocturnal.
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Reasons Coyotes And Fox Removal Is Necessary

  • Feasting On Your Pets
    Coyotes are smart predators that are particularly good at preying on pets as their main source of food, especially in urban residential areas. Small sized dogs, cats, and chicken are their easy prey, including even goods, sheep and others.
  • Concern For Diseases
    Coyotes can infect you with rabies. Moving close to the predator means it can bite and infect you with rabies. Also, these pests carry a disease called canine parvovirus which does not harm though humans though. The solution to all these infection problems is a thorough professional Coyote removal as well as a fox removal by Assurance Wildlife removal service.
  • Threatening Residents
    Coyotes are also a nuisance and harmful predators to residents. With their wolf-like demeanor, coyotes frighten people away. In areas where a pack of coyotes lives, people get scared and avoid moving around vulnerable places and moments.


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