A crawlspace infestation is made up of damaged insulation, ductwork, and noises in the crawlspace caused by raccoon, groundhog, rodent, snakes, chipmunk, opossum, or skunk.

A crawlspace is usually be infested because animals look for openings to seek out shelter, and they find an area around your crawlspace and make their way inside.

Anytime you are experiencing noises from your crawlspace, see dirt piled up around entry points, or experience odors, there is most likely an infestation. If you do not take care of the problematic wildlife in your crawlspace you may experience major damage to ductwork, insulation, wiring, and plumbing.

We service crawlspaces by inspecting damage, identifying problematic wildlife, removing the wildlife, sealing your crawlspace, and fixing any damage that has been incurred.

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