A farm or property infestation is experienced when livestock is missing, cattle is harassed, coyotes are seen, eggs or poultry are being stolen, or creeks are being dammed.

Anyone who has livestock, or a big property is vulnerable to experiencing an infestation.

Predators can kill your livestock because they are looking for a quick and easy meal. When predator populations grow, they become more daring in the food that they pursue.

If you sense that there are predators or you are experiencing livestock/game animals missing, your property may be at risk. Another sign is tracks in dirt roadways. To protect your livelihood, you must have the problematic wildlife removed. If you see one coyote, it’s typically an indication that there are more on your property.

We fix farm or property infestations by inspecting your property to identify problematic wildlife, look for areas to set traps, set our custom traps, remove the wildlife, and possible manage your property annually to ensure that your livestock is protected.

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