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Picture this–you are tending to your immaculately landscaped yard one day and you notice an unexplainable hole in your yard. Then you realize that a giant mole uprooted your beautiful lawn grass and caused weeds to sprout in their place. You now have mini volcanoes and dirt mounds that do nothing to compliment your immaculate garden. Think you have the guts to remove these bothersome creatures from your garden? You don’t have to.

We understand how moles and groundhogs work. These creatures are known to dig a complex system of tunnels and create havoc in your peaceful garden. Groundhogs, in particular, have the tendency to get cozy near trees and foundations where they make burrows deeper than moles do.

Your well-moisturized yards can be a tempting home for these wildlife creatures. Earthworms, insect larvae, grubs, and other mole food live in loose soil. Unless you want to have a dry and yellow lawn, call on Assurance Wildlife Control for professional Mole Removal. We offer fast and efficient Mole and Groundhog Removal Greenville, SC experts that can clear your property of these burrowing creatures.

We can diagnose your problem and provide you with the solutions to keep your property mole-free and groundhog-free. If you find damage to your perennial roots, seeds, bulbs, and grass in your garden, let our Mole Removal company be your go-to team.

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It can be challenging to remove groundhogs from residential properties, even more, to prevent groundhogs from coming back. If you need groundhog control in your family yard, Assurance Wildlife Control can remove these creatures in a safe and proper manner. You may think that you can just seal or damage their burrow to get rid of groundhogs. However, these creatures are known to attack if you mess with their well-planned burrows.



Moles are often attracted to well-watered lawns, yards, and fields that are easy to dig through and contain plenty of worms for food. Moles and groundhogs can contribute to the ecosystem in many good ways. They eat pests that can harm your lawn and are also natural aerators. However, they can also do considerable damage to a property.

If you decide that the mole in your yard is causing an intolerable menace with their dirt mounds and trails, you can have them removed by a Mole Removal professional from Assurance Wildlife Control.

It is highly advisable that you call a Groundhog Removal Greenville, SC professional with know-how and experience to handle this situation. In the meantime, you may place a catch trap near the hole with a bai such as corn or sweet cantaloupe. Once trapped, our groundhog removal experts will relocate the animal to its natural habitat. Assurance Wildlife Control uses safe and effective solutions to remove and prevent groundhogs and moles from ruining your property. We make sure that your home is groundhog-free and mole-free. We will also do our best to clean up after the damage caused by these critters. Don’t let your wildlife problem do more damage to your garden. Get in touch with our Groundhog and Mole Removal experts and schedule an extermination as soon as possible.


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