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Quality squirrel removal Greenville SC


Squirrels are generally considered as non-aggressive and peaceful cohabitants, but these animals can also cause widespread destruction at home. They leave holes in the yards which affect your landscape’s aesthetic values. Worse, squirrels compromise everyone’s safety as they chew almost everything from the support beams to electrical wirings.

Do not hesitate to contact Assurance Wildlife Control right away for quality squirrel removal Greenville SC. Our protocols in handling these pests are compliant with laws and regulation in South Carolina. You can entrust us on trapping squirrels in an attic with the expertise of our animal control team.

If a contractor tells you that they use harmful agents to kill the squirrels, say no to their services immediately. Assurance Wildlife Control believes that a well-rounded pest control and exclusion company should protect even the animal you want to get rid of. This is why we developed procedures to remove them as safely as possible from the house. Pesticides cause more harm than good due to the stench of dead squirrels, and the negative health effects of these agents cause to everyone.

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We have the right skills and experience in identifying and removing different types of squirrels in the most humane manner. Assurance Wildlife Control uses eco-friendly repellants and safe exclusion techniques to get rid of these animals from your home without killing them. First, we conduct a thorough inspection to find their living grounds and the potential entry points in your house. Our experts will also take time to identify the species of the squirrels in the attic that is currently infesting you. Expect us to discuss problem areas and how we will dispel these animals.

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Our goal is to provide you home free from any animal infestation. Assurance Wildlife Control will not stop until all of them are driven away for good. Many contractors fall into the trap that their job ends once they get rid of every squirrel in the house. Trust us; these animals are not considered pests without reasons given their persisting nature. You may be even surprised to find out that another infestation is found in your home as the contractors fail to perform effective exclusion. Instead, Assurance Wildlife Control performs full exclusion by sealing every possible entry point and effective clean up once we drove away squirrels from your home.


Assurance Wildlife Control is fully licensed and insured to do our services. Our animal control team has comprehensive knowledge to the latest and safest squirrel removal solutions to cater your request. We are trained to in explaining every step of our procedure, so you also learn ways to prevent these animals to infest again in the future. Assurance Wildlife Control has already served many satisfied clients in Greenville and nearby areas. Let us remove these squirrels in the attic with our humane and safe services today.

Assurance Wildlife Control is your top choice for squirrel removal Greenville SC. Our services are second to no one, and past clients can attest the quality of our services. Call us today, and our friendly customer staff will answer all your questions. Experience a squirrel-free home today with Assurance Wildlife Control.


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