Gray Squirrels

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In the upstate of South Carolina including Greenville we are grossly over populated with the gray squirrel. Squirrel removal is a growing task for Assurance Wildlife Control. With limited trees and a growing squirrel population they explore homes looking for nest sites. They will find any construction void on a home ( a poorly constructed intersection) and make entry. They don’t always have a clear opening, sometimes they just make their own opening. Once in an attic space or soffit area they can make a mess, ruin the insulation and create a hazardous living condition. The gray squirrels can have two litters a year, during spring and summer, having 2-6 young born per litter. If your Greenville home or property is a place that squirrels love to pest.. please reach out to us for advice. Our animal control team will help out with control and future prevention of the problem.