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You can put cage traps or pen traps with food inside to trap a wild pig. Most traps are designed to catch one wild pig but it is possible that you can find young piglets near the trap if it’s mating season. Leg grip traps are sometimes used to hold the animal. These can be in the form of live traps or lethal traps. Trapping is recommended for areas with low to medium density of pigs that need to be removed.

As pigs often travel in sounders or groups of 8-15, trappers may not catch all members at once. However, traps may be put in place to prevent wild hogs from coming back. Our qualified practitioners in the removal of wild pigs constantly refine tried-and-true-methods to remove a large number of wild pigs causing damage to yards in the state. This includes patient baiting and re-baiting traps for several days to improve the chance of catching the whole sounder.

Wildhogs Caged


There are several different reasons why wild hogs can be attracted to your yard. Wild hogs are known for their voracious appetite. It can be that you have plants and vegetables growing in your yard but many wild pigs are also attracted to the smell of food in the garbage. It is best to keep your yard well-maintained by disposing of your garbage the right way.

Wild hogs have a tendency to rip garbage to shreds when they find them. You may also have to place a tight-fitting lid on your trash can to minimize the spreading of the smell. Installing a band of plastic mesh around your yard may also be beneficial in keeping your property wild hog-free.

Wildhog In The Wild


Finding a large wild hog in your yard can be scary. Many large hogs can also be unpredictable when confronted. It is best to call Assurance Wildlife Control for safe and knowledgeable removal of wild pigs. Our experienced team will ensure that your family and livestock is safe from these mammals. Never try to corner a wild pig or take the matter into your own hands.

Wild hogs may be frightened by flashing lights in the night or loud noises. If the wild pig won’t respond to stimuli, it may be that is ill or injured. Get in touch with Assurance Wildlife Control for the careful removal of wild pigs from your property.


It is often illegal to release a wild pig in the wild. Most states require euthanization of the big once trapped. Wild pigs may also carry diseases that may be transmitted to other livestock as well as people. It is best to isolate a captured wild pig. Take note that wild pigs can get frustrated and angry once trapped. They also have tusks that can cause injury if not handled by a Feral Hog Removal expert.

Feral hogs are known to do a great deal of damage on yards in search of food. However, not just any person can hunt, kill, or trap these mammals. In most states, only a wildlife agency with a permit for removal of wild pigs can do the deed.


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